Myki card program

Please be advised that the allocation of Myki cards has been exhausted and this program has now concluded.

With the generous support of Equity Trustees and The William Angliss Charitable Fund, we tackled one of the root causes of inequality and delivered a clear and positive community benefit to 1,208 students at 180 schools across Victoria.

Students and staff were asked to complete a survey prior to each top up, which allowed us to examine the effectiveness of the program in terms of the impact it had on the usage, education and wellbeing outcomes for the children and young people who received the myki cards.

Of the 410 surveys received by students;

  • 277 said that their attendance improved
  • 231 indicated that their engagement in class improved and
  • 310 students were less stressed about attending as they had the ability to safely travel to and from school after being provided with a myki card.

442 staff completed the surveys in support of their students receiving top ups to continue using public transport to get to and from school. 70% noticed that attendance in class had increased and 80% acknowledged that stress levels of their students were significantly reduced as at least one barrier to education had been removed.

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