Myki card program

Please be advised all Myki cards have now been distributed. Only those students that received a card in 2020 are eligible for their top ups. Should you have any questions at all, please reach out to us on 8769 8400 or at


State Schools’ Relief is proud to announce an exciting new pilot program for 2020.

Beginning Term 1, SSR will be offering 1,300 concession myki cards (with a total value of $300 per card) to students experiencing difficulties attending school due to the cost of public transport. The ability to travel freely is essential in the development of educational and economic capabilities and opportunities, which in turn affects personal wellbeing.

According to the ABS in 2012, over half of public transport users in Zones 1 and 2 (55% or 657,100) cited “More convenient than own transport/Less stress/Reduced travel time” as the main reason that public transport was used. Therefore, given the benefits of using PTV, the aim with this pilot project is to provide a concession myki card to 1000 students (from all schools and year levels) that allows approximately 2 months of travel.


What you need to know

As with all applications for assistance, the opportunity to apply for a myki card is available to any eligible student based on the normal assessment of need conducted within your school.

Each student can request one concession myki card and two consecutive $100 top-ups only. Please note that the school must ensure that the student has a valid student concession ID that has been approved by PTV before applying for a myki card. State Schools’ Relief will not be held responsible for any fines incurred by the student.


Concession Myki Card

Teachers can initially apply for a single concession  myki worth $100 under the category Concession Myki Card”. This is inclusive of the concession card fee of $3. Once the application has been received, the myki card will be delivered to the school via registered post. 

Please ensure that the student registers their myki card on the PTV website, because if the student’s card has been misappropriated, lost or stolen, a replacement can be issued by PTV.  At this stage, State Schools’ Relief does not have the capacity to deliver replacement cards. 


Myki Money Top-Ups

Once the current balance on their myki is nearing 0, a maximum of 2 consecutive $100 top-ups can be requested via the normal application process under the category “$100 Myki Money Top-up”.  See our instructions and guidelines around the next steps here.


Myki Check-In Survey

Before this application can be processed, the student and a staff member must fill in a check-in survey regarding the applicants’ school attendance, personal wellbeing and myki usage. The survey is completely anonymous and confidential and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. This step must be completed each time a top-up application is submitted. This is incredibly important as the data we collect from this survey will allow us to examine the effectiveness of this program in terms of the impact it has on the outcomes for the children and young people who received the myki cards.

Once we have received your responses, the application will be processed and the myki will be topped up through our online account.  Please retain the myki during this period. Do not discard or return the myki. Given the volume of applications expected and the longer processing time due to the survey, please ensure that you submit the top-up applications well in advance of the myki card balance running out. 

Our current funding will allow us to improve the lives of many children and young people, however we realise that demand may exceed our supply. We trust you will understand that we are only able to supply the first 1,300 applications received (inclusive of top-up applications). By helping us share the impact of our work we hope to be able to continue funding this program again in 2021 and beyond.

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