Student’s Choice

Our Student's Choice label - making a difference

We developed our own label, ‘Student’s Choice’ to enable sustainability. Our Student’s Choice branded clothing items and shoes are used in across all areas of our organisation.

By having our own supply of uniform items, we can minimise costs by providing high quality, cost efficient clothing, at no charge to parents, rather than a retail voucher for commercial uniforms, where parent co-payments are often required. This in turn, allows the organisation to clothe more children for less, and to continue our work of removing barriers to education for children and families faced with challenging circumstances.

  • The Student’s Choice uniform range exists to make sure that every young person is able to participate with the same pride and dignity as their peers.
  • Substituting our high-quality, identical products for commercial brands allows SSR to clothe 3 additional children, which helps us provide an equal opportunity and life chance for more children and young people.
  • The Student’s Choice brand also contributes to SSR’s sustainability, positioning our organisation to support every child and young person that needs our help in the years to come.

Children are unable to concentrate fully on their learning if they are freezing, being bullied or lack the basic necessities required to participate in class activities. State Schools’ Relief and the Student’s Choice range exists to break down these barriers and assist children excel at learning.