Travel Pass program

State Schools’ Relief is proudly facilitating the supply of 30-day pre-paid Travel Passes on behalf of the Department of Transport.

  1.   Schools can request a 30-Day Travel Pass for any primary, secondary or specialist school student experiencing a crisis, such as family violence or sudden financial hardship, to ensure they can continue to  travel by public transport
  2.   This guarantees disadvantaged Victorian students, no matter where they live, can use public transport to attend school, receive an education, participate in school activities and access support services
  3.   Simply apply for Travel Passes via our online application portal (just as you would for any SSR support)
  4. Download the Travel Pass Issuing Guidelines for more information


Travel Passes are valid for 30 days – so please ensure that you request enough to support your students for the duration required (i.e., 6 months = 6 passes).

For more information contact us on 03 8769 8400 or email

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